Pelosi Gets A Fiery 2020 Challenger – She’s Got A Fresh Strategy To End Nancy’s Career

Nancy’s in serious trouble – this new contender is using the Trump playbook!
Nancy Pelosi just might be enjoying her last time as Speaker—because a new rival is coming right to her front door.
Perhaps Pelosi thinks she’s safe because she represents liberal San Francisco. Nobody would bother challenging her seat—which she’s had for years.
Right? Wrong.
A new, homegrown challenger is trying to take back Pelosi’s seat, DeAnna Lorraine. And she’s unapologetically conservative.
From Daily Wire:
“Yes, it’s a long haul and a tough battle, but I think we can win this and show conservatives are here. Previous Republicans who have challenged Nancy Pelosi have been softer on the issues and have tried to cater to the Left. They’ve been afraid to support Trump…”
“Let’s be honest, California is largely Democratic and I’m running in a heavily blue district, so it might hurt my campaign. If I were more moderate, it would be easier. Here’s the thing, though: We need strong conservatives in Congress who will support the president.”
What a breath of fresh air – I love it! A conservative who won’t apologize for her beliefs, and supports President Trump!
DeAnna is a proud conservative who makes no apologies for supporting the president and his America first agenda.
She’s not afraid to challenge Pelosi’s seat because of one thing. Unlike previous Republicans who’ve tried, she’s standing up for her values and the most important issues.
And if you think there aren’t Trump-supporters in California, think again!
DeAnna is calling out Pelosi for letting down her district and the American people.
Pelosi has sat back while the left-wing of her party call the shots. Where are true leaders among Democrats, who will put Americans first—not socialist policies?
The current Speaker has all but sat back and watched as the “Squad” runs over our government.
It’s high time for a change. DeAnna is taking the fight right to Pelosi’s hometown. Do you think she will give the Democrat a run for her money?
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Source: Daily Wire
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