Queen AOC Loses It Over ‘Burning’ Ad – Then The Ad Creator Drops Her ‘Bonanza’ Hammer

Don’t worry about missing out on last night’s Democratic debate. You didn’t miss much unless you love watching Democrats arguing for hours.

But there was one bright spot during all the nonsense, an ad from the Republican party.

If you missed it, here it is. From YouTube:

Wow. It’s a powerful message to left-wing socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Entitled liberals think they can buy American votes with promises of socialism.

But this video reveals what socialism really does: it destroys.

The economic and political results of socialism destroy a society. We’ve seen it time and again throughout history.

Yet AOC and other Democrats refuse to acknowledge that fact. This is how she responded to this powerful video.

From Twitter:

Yep, once again AOC is using race to hide from the fact that socialism has resulted in the loss of millions.

Is she so stupid that she can’t even see the facts in front of her face? She has the audacity of calling a Republican minority woman names?

This is why the Democrats are losing. They let people like AOC say socialist nonsense.

Instead of confronting the fact that socialism has never worked in any country ever, AOC jumps on the bandwagon.

Thankfully, the creator of the advertisement fought back:

Burned! Maybe we have another rising star in Washington—this time coming from the Right!

And I guess AOC finds all images like Bonanza a race problem too, huh?

What isn’t, Alex? Oh, anything that doesn’t expose your dangerous plans for America.

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