Fox News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro has called for Congress to be fired for opposing President Trump on immigration.

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro this weekend shredded Congress for “failing us” on immigration and called for all U.S. senators and House representatives on Capitol Hill to be fired for opposing President Donald Trump’s policies aimed at stopping illegal border crossings.

Pirro’s opening statement on Saturday’s Justice with Judge Jeanine addressed Trump’s latest deal with Mexico, announced by the State Department on Friday night, to “curb illegal immigration at our southern border,” before delving into a long rebuke of Congress.

“It’s a big win for the president,” Pirro said. “Congress would rather deny him a win on immigration and let the problem continue to proliferate, no matter the harm to the American people. Even his own party fails him yet again.”

Senate Republicans on Tuesday declared opposition to Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on all goods entering American from Mexico. Hours after the president said that Capitol Hill would be “foolish” to try and block the move, GOP members issued a sharp message to the Trump administration, warning them that they were almost unanimously opposed to the move.

“Congress continues to fail us,” Pirro continued. “Not only blocking the president’s efforts but actually passing a bill this week that would give two and a half million Dreamers amnesty, a signal to illegals that not only will they let you in and pay for food, housing, education, medical and travel, but sooner or later they’ll give you amnesty after they release you into the interior proving yet another incentive for illegals to cross.”

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