As competitors to Netflix continue to appear over the horizon, Netflix made its market position clear in a company-wide letter.

As CNBC reported, “It’s newer forms of entertainment — such as Fortnite and Google’s YouTube — that got shout-outs in the company’s letter as stronger competitors.”

But if there is a shred of morality and providence left in America, Netflix may not even be able to see the true threat to their success is themselves.

Netflix has already been scrutinized for allowing child pornography on their service.

The Argentinian film “Desire” depicted two ten-year-old girls in a sexual situation.

Also, there is the extremely perverse Netflix animated series Big Mouth.

As the Freedom Project summed up “…the profanity and grotesque immorality and perversion make the show self-evidently unsuitable for children.

On the other hand, the constant portrayal of young children’s genitals and similar imagery make it self-evidently unsuitable for adults. In short, it is unsuitable for anyone but the most depraved minds. The real goal appears to be to corrupt and sexualize more young children.”

Now, Netflix has entered what some would regard as infuriating uncharted territory with the Netflix Original series “Dancing Queen,” a series that focuses on a dance teacher from Texas who walks a fine line in promoting the normalization of young children and the drag queen lifestyle.

While the series doesn’t go as far as the lunacy of Michael Alig and the exploitation of Desmond the Amazing, “Dancing Queen” carefully introduces the relationship between Drag Queens and children to a larger audience.

And with the popularity of Desmond and the marketing for the show, Dancing Queen is either a horribly timed coincidence or is pushing the same subversive narrative found in other Netflix shows.

So with so many cut the cord offerings on the table, cutting off your Netflix subscription should be the first thing any red-blooded American with any sense of decency does posthaste.
It has never been easier to be a part of the problem if you continue to subscribe or the solution if you cancel today.

‘They are indoctrinating systematically our kids’: Drag Queen Story Hour Proceeds Despite Parent Protest

This article was sourced from InfoWarsA library in Massachusetts held a Drag Queen story hour for children despite many parents protesting the event.

Police were outside the Fall River Public Library Saturday as a massive demonstration of parents and religious leaders called for the event to be shut down.

“We believe that they are indoctrinating systematically our kids into a culture that can be very dangerous,” Baptist Temple Church Pastor Michael Johnson told CBS Boston.

One protest sign stated: “Dear God: Let NOT the little children be perverted by Drag Queen story hours!”

A library administrator said she’d mostly fielded complaints from people objecting to the event on religious grounds, which was enough to get it shut down in other New England cities, however they decided to go forward with the story hour “because Fall River is a very diverse community, and I thought people were very accepting here.

Inside, children as young as 1-year-old were “mesmerized” by a pink-wig wearing drag queen calling himself “Naomi Chomsky.”

One parent claimed listening to the man dressed as a woman read was similar to going to see a Disney movie.

“It’s no different than going to see a Disney Princess,” the parent told CBS. “I just want to raise Betty with tolerance for everyone, no matter what.”
Local media CBS Boston portrayed the event as a progression of the gay rights agenda and the “push for acceptance.”

While Drag Queen story hour events continue being held nationwide, the Houston chapter of Drag Queen story hour discontinued the event “for the forseeable future” after at least two of the members reading to children were found to be registered sex offenders.

YouTube’s Algorithm Suggests Videos Tailored for Pedophiles

This article was sourced from NewsBustersYouTube relies on its algorithms to do many things, including taking down, censoring, and restricting content. But if the algorithm enables pedophiles, then it is also terrifyingly dangerous.. According to a report released by TheNew York Times, YouTube algorithms auto-created playlists of partially clothed children that were then exploited by pedophiles.

These suggestions would come up whenever users would search sexual terms or watched sexually themed content. YouTube had curated playlists of partially clothed children, young prepubescent teens in bathing suits.
Researchers described a journey from recommendations on videos that were sexually themed that led to more recommendations of women discussing sex, showing body parts, and progressively getting younger and younger.

In some of these video descriptions, the users “solicited donations” with hints of private, more intimate videos.

As the subjects of the videos became younger, the more obvious sexual descriptions would disappear.

Some of the videos of children in bathing suits were family videos, uploaded by parents, made with innocent intent. Other videos were from Eastern European countries, uploaded by fake accounts. Instagram accounts for the young children were often linked to the videos, allowing people to find out more about the children’s identity.

Home videos uploaded by parents were receiving inordinate amounts of traffic if they were videos of children in bathing suits.

YouTube claimed routine tweaks to its algorithm caused the auto-lists to appear, and coincidentally, caused the auto-lists to vanish.

But The Times argues that the one thing that would ultimately resolve the issue–removing videos with children in them from the recommendations–hasn’t been done.

The journalist who wrote the story, Max Fisher, tweeted that researching this story “made me physically ill and I’ve been having regular nightmares.”

The company has struggled with its pedophile problem in the past. In February, 400 channels were deleted as part of child exploitation rings.

This article was sourced from InfoWars Image Source

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